Saturday, September 24, 2011

We Like iHeart Radio

The POWER of Like Gave a Huge Like to iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio; Free radio stations wherever and whenever across

1,368,201 peope like iHeart Radio

Who is iHeart Radio? iHeartRadio delivers more than 800 of America’s Favorite Radio
Stations Wherever and Whenever our listeners want us. Enjoy music
from across the country in real time – all for FREE! Now try the new
iHeartRadio with custom radio, like Pandora, but with more songs,
more control and no commercials through the end of the year.

Products iHeart Radio is supported on: iPhone, iTouch, iPad,
BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7, Sonos, Toyota Entune, HP
Touchpad and more coming soon...

"iHeartRadio is creating the ultimate, all-in-one radio experience by
combining the nation’s top radio stations with the world’s most
advanced custom radio into a single, seamless experience. With
iHeartRadio, you can tune in to real broadcast stations from across
the country. From z100 in New York to KissFM in L.A. and any station
in between. Over 750 stations coast-to-coast available anytime and

For a more personalized experience, you can use iHeartRadio’s new
custom radio to create unique stations based on your favorite songs,
artists, or genres. Just like Pandora but with 10x as many songs as
well as a new "discovery slider" that lets you fine tune your song
selection for more or less discovery, depending on your mood. All for
free, and with no commercials on custom radio through the end of

Download the AppListen to your favorite stations from your iPhone, iPad, or Android
device for FREE. Get the App >

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Linda @The POWER of Like

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