Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We Like SingBoard Online Karoake

The POWER of Like gave SingBoard a big thumbs up.

CEO and Co-Founder Ray Chan of SingBoard  invented another photo sharing app. But after
some initial product market research and feedback he found that his unique idea wasn't a mutual feeling among others so he drooped the idea and focus on another new idea online Karaoke.

1,001 people like SingBoard so far.

Chan did some research on Karaoke bars in the US in comparison to Karaoke bars in Hong Kong. Hong Kong exceed the US in karaoke bars. Chan regrouped his thoughts and ideas and formed and founded SingBoard.

What is SingBoard?The best way to describe SingBoard is like overlaying YouTube with a karaoke theme. SingBoard offers the latest and most popular YouTube videos and overlays them with lyrics to give you a karaoke like experience. You can sing along with it and enjoy a really exceptional singing experience. SingBoard's technology streamlines different content at the same time, giving you the option of turning off the
vocals on a video and just play music.

The service operates off of your computer in comparison to a machine in a karaoke bar. You will be able to choose from the TOP 100 music videos on YouTube. You can stop, rewind and replay songs as many times as you like. You can also record your own version and share it on your Facebook or Twitter page.

SingBoard will offer a FREE model for a period of time but you will only be able to play a certain amount of songs. If you want more selection of songs there will be a monthly subscription fee. So if this is something right up your alley. You should head over and check SingBoard beta model. You will need an invite, so be sure to fill out the form.

Website/Blog: http://singboard.com/
Twitter Profile: http://twitter.com/Singboard
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Singboard

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