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Thanks for stopping by The "POWER" of Like!

We founded The POWER of Like July 16, 2011. So we are new to the neighborhood!

Why did we open a new company called The "POWER" of Like?
We realize that as individuals, and businesses, we must be liked. Thats how we make friends, build relationships. Whether it is a personal friend or a potential customer buildng likeability creates trust, loyality and long term relationships.

It makes friendships stronger and boost business ratings and profits.

We all need The POWER of Like!

Because we're going to be a force to be reckoned with! We all want to be liked by somebody!

The POWER of Like team will review, like and tweet about our favorite artist, musicians/bands, public figure, local business/place, brand/product, cause/community, and entertainment. Were brand new, but I'm 100% positive this blog is gonna fly with the likes.

If you want "The POWER of Like" company to give you a review, like and a tweet; fill out the comment section below and leave your "facebook page url" and we'll shoot right over and check your company facebook page out. If we "Like" what we see... we'll give you a like and reccommend it on our blog.

So scroll on down to the comment section and leave your Facebook Page URL and The POWER of Like will check your page out.

If you haven't created a Facebook Page you can signup here!

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We love reviewing, liking, tweeting about new things...If you have something interesting...leave us a comment...we'll check it out and maybe feature it here....