How It Works?

How It Works? The “POWER” of Like

We all want to be “Liked” even if we’re just a person or a company. We want everybody to like what were selling or just to be friends. The world has surrounded itself with social “Likeness”.
At The POWER of Like; we review, like, tweet, and write about Likable people or companies, etc. When we find a person or company, brand or product, artist or entertainer that we like. We will feature that person or company on our company blog.
What Are The Benefits of Being Featured @The POWER of Like?
You have the possibility of increasing your popularity likeness and increasing traffic to your Facebook page and your website/blog. If The POWER of Like features your Facebook page and website/blog there are 4 possibilities of traffic from our Feature blog post,  our Like on your Facebook page, Tweets, AND The POWER of Like Facebook page.
How Can I Become a Featured Person or Company?
In order for you or your company to be featured you must have a Facebook page and a Website/Blog. You also must offer some type of service, product, and cause.  You must offer something somebody likes. We look for quality people serving exceptional services to mankind. Fill out our Get Featured form!
Do you charge a person or company for being featured?
No; We offer a FREE service here at least for now. But it may not stay that way. The more popular we become with featuring likable people and companies we may have to charge a minimal fee one day. But we are FREE for now.
When You Find a Person or Company You Like What Do You Do?
 We go to your Facebook page and review how many people “Like” you. Then we review your website/blog to insure you are a legitimate person or company. Remember we are after quality likable people and companies. The steps we take once we have found you or your company qualify.
Once you have qualified.
·        Review and feature it on The POWER of Like blog.
·        Like your Facebook page
·        Tweet about it on our Twitter page @ThePOWERofLike
·        Write about on our  The POWER OF Like Facebook Page
If you know of a person or company and you believe they should be featured here at The POWER of Like. Sign them up on our home page.

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